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Amsterdam's Boutique Bed and Breakfast

The Pijp

This bed and breakfast is located in the Pijp, old south, close to museums and  .....

  • van GOGH museum
  • RIJKS museum
  • MODERN ART museum
  • Albert Cuijp market
  • Heineken experience
  • Canal cruises
  • Coster Diamonds
  • House of Bols cocktails&jenever experience
  • tram 16 and 24
  • Vondelpark
  • PC Hooftstraat - shopping street



"The colourful area of the Pijp (pipe) is the best known of the working-class quarters built in the late nineteenth century, when a population boom burst the city's seams.

To make the most of the highly priced land, every square metre was utilised, resulting in standard long, narrow streets. Thus the official name of 'Area YY' was soon dropped in favour of a nickname, 'De Pijp'.

Because rents were still too high for many tenants, they were forced to let rooms to students and it was they who gave the area its bohemian character, together with the numerous Dutch writers who lived here, such as Heijermans, De Haan and Bordewijk. Many painters (including Mondriaan) had studios here too, and the area was swarming with brothels and pubs.
At the turn of the century, the Pijp was a radical socialist area. Although the area has lost much of its radicalism since then, the students remain; families with children have all fled to suburbia.

The number of cheap one- or two-bedroom apartments, combined with the almost central location, make the area very attractive to students, young single people and couples. The area also has the densest gay population in Amsterdam.